Our Mission

Autocare was founded on the belief that consumers deserve better coverage and care than what is offered by traditional extended automotive protection plans.

Our mission is to offer drivers the protection they deserve to eliminate the high cost of unexpected and routine auto repairs.

We also believe an extended auto program shouldn’t dictate where you get your car repaired.

A recognized leader in the industry, AutoCare provides sales, claims and customer service under one roof. We don’t outsource to a call center, and when you purchase Autocare coverage, you’re buying direct from us — not from an independent broker or agent.

Most importantly, an Autocare Vehicle Service Agreement makes it easy to get repairs done FAST. Our plans include rental car coverage, roadside assistance and trip interruption insurance. When the bill comes, we’ll pay the repair facility directly, with no out-of-pocket cost to you.

Don’t expect personalized customer care and reliable coverage from a dealer whose only aim is to make money for themselves. Trust the company with your best interests in mind, AutoCare. Our management team has been providing consumer protection products for more than 45 years. We feel so strongly about the superior quality of the coverage plans we offer are of that we’re backing them up with an exclusive 30-day money-back guarantee.

Saving You Money by Staying Online

AutoCare is committed to doing anything we can to keep the price of our service contracts down, allowing our customers to keep more of their hard-earned dollars in their wallets! For that reason, we have chosen to conduct our business primarily via the internet, a strategy that keeps our internal costs to a minimum and offers communications efficiency for our staff and customers 24 hours a day.

Our commitment to saving our customers money is clear. Here is how we combat the most common misconceptions about automotive service contracts:

  • “Service contracts are of little value.” AutoCare agrees that service contract which costs consumers $5, calculated on a $200 desk and a $15 calculator is not a good value for consumers. Cutting the overhead costs of providing protection allows AutoCare a unique ability to convey our savings with lower prices. A low cost protection plan for your life’s second largest purchase is a GREAT value. When your AutoCare contract comes through, paying for hundreds or even thousands of dollars in unexpected repairs, you’ll agree.
  • “Service Contract Sales Organizations are fly-by-night entities.” It is true that a few high-profile auto service contact providers have been fingered as deceptive in their sales practices. Those operations use high-pressure sales techniques, send out postcards with false claims about existing vehicle warranties, and they often ignore and/or violate federal and state regulations. However, the unfortunate business practices of a few do not diminish the value and importance of having the right protection for your automobile. AutoCare is a respected and established agency, providing customers with great service, low costs, and honesty about the coverage we provide.