Credit, Debit, Check Cards and, Checking Account Direct Debit (ACH)

AutoCare can accept payment for Personal Protection Plans using any of the payment methods listed above. You even can combine more than one payment method for a single purchase.

AutoCare gives you a variety of payment options to make it easy to secure your vehicle protection plan.  You can divide your vehicle protection plan cost across a monthly payment program or pay a direct fee for your coverage options.   You can determine the plan and payment method that works best for you and pay according to your schedule and your convenience.

Whether you choose to pay using a monthly plan or a single fee, the cost of your vehicle protection plan remains the same.  To pay a solid fee for your protection plan you can use credit, debit, check cards or checking account direct debit.  AutoCare accepts all major credit cards and debit cards including American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa.  You can pay using a single card or payment method, or you can combine cards to divide the fee across lines of credit.  You may purchase your coverage over the phone or online at your convenience and AutoCare will verify your purchase with your credit card company.  Once you have been approved, AutoCare will finalize your purchase with you.  No transactions or fees will be billed without your verification.

If you choose to select a monthly payment program, the fee is divided over a series of months and the balance is paid regularly.  This payment option requires no pre-approval and no credit card companies will be contacted.  If you are working to recover your credit or if you have difficulty in getting credit approval, the monthly payment program is the ideal solution.  The coverage and costs are the same, with no interest or fees added.  You will also have no bills to mail or accounts to settle, as the balance will be deducted from the account you provide at 30 day intervals.  All coverage and services function the same as if you had paid the single fee at the time of purchase.

The coverage of your vehicle protection plan depends on the type of plan that you purchase.  All plans are available with all payment options and types.  Each plan covers various repairs, damages or service that your vehicle may require and you can decide which plan is best for you and your vehicle.  For more information on the plans available, see the protection plan options online or contact AutoCare to learn more.  Order your service protection plan today to make sure essential repairs are covered for your vehicle and eliminate the possibility of costly surprises.

No Interest! No Fee! No Credit Check! Payment Plan

If you prefer to pay over time, you can use our No Interest! No Fee! No Credit Check! Payment Plan. This plan makes buying a personal protection plan easy. With just a small down payment and the balance paid monthly, it couldn’t be easier. Using the plan doesn’t require any application or qualifying questions, and we never contact the credit bureaus to check your credit. Every 30 days we will automatically debit your credit, debit, or checking account which will provide ongoing coverage as if you paid in full at the time of purchase. We will never change anything additional for using this payment plan, and you are able to use more than one credit, debit, check card or a combination of them with or without a Payment Plan to pay for a purchase from AutoCare.