Omega Used Stated Coverage Vehicle Service Contracts

Few things are more nerve-wracking than when you hear your car, truck or SUV make a funny noise or not work as it should. After all, you depend on your vehicle each and every day to get you to and from work, school and important functions, and if something is wrong it will not only put you in a pickle, but it could also be a major detriment to your savings account.

Between parts and labor, the need for a mechanic is often a costly one. For individuals and families doing everything they can to stay ahead, the need for major repairs to their car, truck or SUV is often a major setback and is a purchase that could make looking at your credit card statements even more of an eyesore.

Often, especially for owners of new vehicles, the best thing you can hope for is the work will be covered as part of your agreement with the dealership and/or manufacturer of your vehicle. After all, if something is not working after a short period of time and it is through no fault of your own, does it really make sense you should be stuck for some or even all of the cost?

Sadly, agreements with dealerships often expire much quicker than perhaps we were led to believe, and just as importantly, these agreements often have a litany of prohibitions and rules. For example, you may only be able to take your car, truck or SUV to a certain location to have it repaired and your agreement may only cover very specific work that needs to be done.

What’s more, there is a natural conflict of interest when you consider that what’s best for you and your car may not be what’s best for the dealership and the manufacturer. Unfortunately, the vehicle owner does not have many rights or options when it comes to choosing where, when or how their vehicle gets fixed, and by whom.

That’s where AutoCare can help. We offer a wide variety of packages to give vehicle owners peace of mind that when there are issues with their vehicle to ensure they will be able to get things fixed properly and on their own terms, and not be stuck with a giant bill at the end just for the right to do so.

Among the different vehicle service contracts we offer is our Omega Used Stated Program, which covers a wide range of potential hiccups a car, truck or SUV might develop. For instance, if you have issues (like many cars inevitably do) to your engine, transmission, transfer case, drive axel(s), heating and air conditioning units, steering and cooling and fuel system, this program will have you covered. In addition, this particular vehicle service contract covers brake systems, electrical items, seals and gaskets.

Please note, this program is designed for cars, trucks or SUVs that have less than a 100,000 miles on their odometer, and hit the market within the past 13 years.

Commons Issues Covered by This Program

Let’s take a look at what types of issues people in this program are covered by:

Engines – In regards to engines, this program will cover cylinder block and cylinder heads, internal parts that lubricated and turbo and supercharger components. Additionally, it covers repairs to the harmonic balancer, the chain and belt, and a litany of covers and bolts, including head, gear, cam gear and harmonic balancer bolts, as well as timing covers and timer gears.

Lastly, it covers, repairs to water pumps, engine mounts, and belt tensioners.

Transmissions – For transmissions, this program is used for all cases and internal lubricated parts, torque converters, flywheel and flex plates, and vacuum modulators. As well, it covers transmission mounts, coolers, oil pans and control modules.

Transfer Cases – This includes both the case and internally lubricated parts.

Drive Axle(s) – Again, all internal and lubricated parts are included, plus 4X4 actuators, drive shafts, universal joints and locking hubs. Plus, if you have problems to your center support, carrier bearings and differential cover, you will have recourse.
Heating and Air Conditioning – Could you imagine your vehicle without heating and AC? Of course not, but issues can happen to many parts, and our coverage will include repairs to all factory installed equipment.

Suspension – This contract will cover upper and lower control shafts, bearings and bushings, as well as wheel bearings, spindles, ball joints, and kingpins. What’s more, it will cover repairs to the radius/bar arm and bushings, the hub assembly, torsion bars, coil and leaf springs and the suspension level control compressor.


If you’re having problems with your steering, the steering gear box and all lubricated internal parts are covered by this program, including the power steering pump, pitman arm and idler arm. As well, the tie rod ends, drag link and steering column shaft and couplings fall under this option.


Cooling fans, fan motors, clutches, radiators and coolant recovery tanks are all included.

Fuel System

Included are fuel delivery and injection pumps, as well as injectors, the fuel tank and metal fuel lines. Plus, fuel pressure regulators, fuel sending units and fuel gauges are all under the umbrella, as are the air control valves, ECM, and fuel injection sensors.


For brake repairs, the master and power brake cylinders are covered, as are vacuum assist boosters, parking actuators, hydraulic lines and fittings and anti-lock brake sensors. As well, wheel cylinders and compensating valves are under the program.


Electrical repairs covered include alternator/generator issues, as well as ignition coils, horn issues, distributors, and starter motors, solenoids, and drives.

Should you encounter issues to your windshield wiper motors, those will also be taken care of, as will problems with power seats, antennas, window motors and regulators, door locks and truck release actuators. Also, the wiring harness, cruise control assembly, ignition lock cylinder and manual operated switches are covered.

Other electrical repairs that fall under this program include convertible top motors, driver information gauges and original factory radio/speaker systems, although only up to $300.


Any leak or seal of the parts mentioned in the program are included.


Any navigation that was factory installed will be covered as part of this program.


For hybrid vehicles, the transaxle, electrical transmission, inverter, generators and electronic display monitor are covered, but please note batteries are not included.