Omega Powertrain Coverage

AutoCare’s Omega Powertrain Protection vehicle protection plan can be customized to suit the needs of your vehicle.  This plan is intended for older vehicle typically between 100,000 and 150,000 miles that may be requiring large-scale service soon.  The older your vehicle is and the more miles you accumulate, the more wear and tear your vehicle endures.  When your car or truck reaches one mile too many, you can make sure you are covered so you can continue down the road.  The Omega Powertrain Protection plans keep the most essential parts of your vehicle safe so you can service them at any time with no risk.

The Powertrain Protection plan includes three levels of protection, each with varying levels of coverage.  The first-level Powertrain Coverage plan covers the most essential parts of your vehicle.  These are also, typically, the most expensive to repair.  Your vehicle cannot function without them and, when parts in your powertrain wear down, your vehicle will not operate properly and may break down completely.  This includes the engine, transmission, transfer case, drive axels, seals and gaskets and other parts.  Your coverage plan protects these parts and covers expenses from service, rebuilds or repairs if any of these parts are damaged.  As long as the damage was not caused by overt neglect or irresponsible driving, your Omega Powertrain Protection plan will cover all costs associated with the repairs, including labor and replacement parts.

The more extensive protection plans cover other auxiliary parts which may be essential to the function of your car or the driving experience.  The Powertrain Plus Coverage includes some air conditioner and heating components in your vehicle, as well as the starter components.  The Powertrain plus Coverage plan also covers all elements of the original Powertrain Coverage plan.  Finally, the Powertrain Enhanced Coverage plan covers all the elements of the original Powertrain Coverage and the Powertrain Plus Coverage plan, with additional concessions for the air conditioning and heating units.  When it comes to protecting the cars that you love to drive, the Powertrain, Powertrain Plus and Enhanced plans cover everything you need to enjoy the ride.

Don’t let expensive repairs and service stop you from enjoying your vehicle.  Purchase a vehicle service protection plan and keep your ride on the road for years to come.  Call AutoCare today for more information and details on any protection plan and purchase a plan by phone or online today.