Omega New Exclusionary Plan

The Omega new Exclusionary vehicle protection plan provides additional protection for vehicles new or like-new.  The Omega protection plan helps to protect your investment by keeping extensive repairs and essential parts covered.  If you encounter a problem with your new car you can receive service without having to worry about the costs of extensive repairs.

When you purchase a new or slightly used vehicle, you expect it to function properly.  Damages or faulty parts can never be predicted however, and damage to your new car can also severely damage your savings.  After investing in a new vehicle, you may not have the money left over to pay for damages or other conditions.  The Omega vehicle protection plan covers the costs of extensive or complex repairs not covered by your service contract.  This includes essential internal components and serious mechanical failures and does not include aesthetic items such as seats and interiors or external body work such as lights or frames.

Protect your investment with the Omega New Exclusionary vehicle protection plan.  Call today for more information and to get the Omega plan for your new or slightly used vehicle.