AutoCare Total Coverage

AutoCare Total vehicle service contracts give you some of the best coverage and protection you can buy for your vehicle. The Total service contract covers nearly any possible repair to your vehicle and any break-down that may occur. With the Total service contract you can be assured that, when your car, truck or van breaks down, you will not have to pay for costly repairs yourself. When you purchase a plan, the service and repairs that you need to keep your vehicle running are completely covered. With only a few limited exclusions and break-downs due to neglect or reckless driving, all mechanical or electrical failures that may occur will be covered. This includes systems essential to driving as well as complementary systems that make your vehicle enjoyable. With complete coverage under the Total vehicle service contract, you can conduct any repairs your vehicle may need at any time, without having to worry about how to pay for them. AutoCare’s vehicle service contracts allow you to pay for repairs and vehicle service on a schedule that works for you. You can purchase a plan up front when you have the funds available and make sure you are covered throughout the year, or you can pay month-to-month and add vehicle expenses to your budget. This way you can be sure that you can always make any repairs that you need and keep driving your car without disrupting your day-to-day activities.

Powertrain & Drivetrain Coverage

Repairs to your engine, transmission, brakes, heating and cooling or fuel systems can cost thousands of dollars, which many do not have on hand. This can cause auto owners to lose their vehicles or sell them when they cannot afford the necessary repairs. Engine reconstruction is a particularly expensive problem, even if only a minor part has been damaged. Your Total Coverage Plan allows you to replace any damaged or broken parts inside your engine and also covers the labor needed to install the parts. Many other essential parts of your vehicle powertrain and drivetrain are also covered, including the transmission, transfer case, brakes, drive system, heating and cooling system, fuel system and many more. Whether your car has accumulated many miles and parts have simply worn out, damage along the road have caused cracks or leaks, or your car has simply suffered from a parts malfunction, your repairs and service will be covered. All of the vital components you require to drive safely are completely covered, as well as parts and systems that you need to enjoy the ride. Your Total coverage plans guarantees you a safe, secure and comfortable ride that you can count on, including your power steering and ABS system, suspension, air condition and audio system. While many auto owners will let non-essential systems wear out or continue malfunctioning because they lack the funds to conduct repairs, your Total vehicle service coverage plan will ensure that you can conduct any repairs that you need. This will help to maintain the value of your vehicle as well as a comfortable ride, so you can continue enjoying your car for many more years and miles to come.

Your vehicle is an indispensable asset, often the second-most important investment that you will make besides your home. You need your vehicle to get to work, to shop, to visit friends and family, take your children to school and many other activities which you do every day. Without it, getting around and getting to your destination on time can become a struggle. With this service and repair coverage plan, you can be sure that your vehicle is protected in case of any break-down. The thousands of dollars in expenses are covered under the plan and you can conduct repairs immediately. Any certified repair shop can conduct these repairs and you can get back on the road quickly. If break-downs occur and you need replacement parts or reconstruction, all expenses and labor are covered, and you pay only a small deductible fee. Whether you have been using your vehicle for thousands of miles and many years or you have recently purchased a new or used car, a service and repair coverage plan will help you to plan for the future. The AutoCare Total service plan is particularly helpful for used cars when the past service record may be incomplete or inconclusive. Though the car you purchase may appear in full working order when you buy it, problems can occur at any time and can ruin the new investment you’ve made. Your coverage plan will make sure your vehicle undergoes any necessary repairs and you can continue to enjoy your new purchase.

When your car is having engine problems, has a fuel leak, lights are not working properly or other problems are occurring, it can be difficult to know how extensive the problem is or how much it will cost. It may be a small problem that can be easily fixed, or you may need a complete replacement. Whether you have a small malfunction that can be fixed with a quick tune-up or you have a complete failure that needs an extensive overhaul, your coverage plan will absorb the costs that you incur. Some problems occur slowly and you may notice that your vehicle is not running like it used to. It is best to get your vehicle inspected the moment you suspect there is a problem, so the damage does not get worse and you and your passengers are not endangered by faulty components. With the security that your repairs are covered, you can make an appointment and deal with the problem immediately without having to worry about the cost of repairs. Sometimes, break-downs and engine failures occur without warning and there is nothing you can do. You may be going to work or home, you may be on the highway on a back road or even with your friends or family on a road trip. Whatever problems your vehicle is having and whenever breakdowns occur, you will be covered. Your AutoCare Total vehicle service contract also covers towing service to get your car to a repair shop if it becomes immovable. If you are on vacation when these problems occur, your plan will also cover expenses that you incur while you are waiting for repairs, including an overnight stay for your vehicle in the service shop and lodging for yourself and your friends or family while you wait. This way, you can continue on your trip with only a minor interruption and not have to call your vacation off due to unexpected expenses.

Total & Reliable Coverage

While auto insurance protects you from collision and liability, AutoCare service coverage protects you from the unexpected expenses and stress of sudden repairs. With coverage to protect you from any eventuality, you will never have to worry about damages or breakdowns to your car and you will always have a vehicle to drive. Learn more about the coverage benefits of the AutoCare Total vehicle service contracts and how you can protect your vehicle from any breakdown or mechanical problem. Your coverage plan will also include emergency roadside service for flat tires, dead batteries, empty gas tanks and other common problems that you may experience. In addition, your plan covers the costs of substitute transportation during the time your vehicle is undergoing service or repairs. When essential systems in your vehicle need repairs or when systems that keep you comfortable in your car go bad, you will be glad to have the AutoCare Total vehicle service contract. Call today to learn more about what is covered under the plan or read further. You can purchase the Total coverage plan online or over the phone using payment methods that work best for you. See what other customers have to say about their coverage plan and how they have been protected from the sudden and extreme expenses of heavy repairs. Call today to speak with a representative and learn more, or purchase your plan online.