AutoCare Essential Coverage

Between mortgage or rent payments, grocery shopping, cable and internet bills and other expenses, having to pay top dollar for auto repairs can throw a wrench into even the most meticulous financial plans.

Unfortunately, vehicle owners erroneously believe they are protected by agreements with the dealership they purchased their car from or from the manufacturer itself. Sure, some things may be covered by the agreement, but owners have little to no control over what exactly is covered, who can make the repairs, and how extensive the repairs will be.

That’s where AutoCare comes in.  We offer a wide variety of programs to help car, truck or SUV owners, including our essential vehicle service contracts.  Let’s take a look at the different parts covered by this contract:

Gas and Diesel Engines

For gas engines, all internal lubricated parts are covered.  This includes all piston parts, as well as the crankshaft, main bearings, thrust washer and connective rods, plus camshaft sprockets and bearings.  Also, timing chains and their gears, push rods, rocker arms (and shafts), balance shafts, and lifters (both hydraulic and solid) are included, as are valves (guides, spring retainers, keepers, steam seals), oil pumps and silent shafts. Please note, seals and gaskets are not covered on their own, but are covered if it’s part of another repair.

All of the same things are covered for diesel engines, although it’s important to note that issues with engine blockages, oil pans and cylinder heads will only fall under the program if the damage was due to the failure of an internal lubricated part.

Turbo-Super Chargers

All internal lubricated parts are covered, and seal and gaskets repairs will be covered if they’re part of another repair that falls under the program’s umbrella.


As with all the other parts covered, all internal lubricated parts that fall within the transmission will be covered; however, seals and gaskets will only be covered if it happens within a separate repair within the program.  Also, transmission cases, housings and oil pans are only eligible for the program if they were damaged due to one of internal lubricated parts not working correctly.

Transfer Case

Internal lubricated parts in the transfer case will be covered if repairs are needed, though seals and gaskets are only covered if they correspond with another repair that falls under the program.  Should the actual transfer case need repairs due to a lubricated internal part malfunctioning, that too will be covered.

Front Wheel Drive: All Wheel Systems and Rear Drive Systems

For front wheel drive systems, all internal lubricated parts within the drive axle and transaxle will be covered; however, seals and gaskets will only be covered if their repair was part of a different malfunction that the program covers.  Lastly, please note drive axle housings are only covered if it was due to one of its internal lubricating parts failing.

Air Conditioning and Heating

Should an issue arise due to a blower motor, a compressor (or its clutch), an air conditioning condenser or an evaporator, the program will cover it.  Also, the expansion valve, receiver dryer, orifice tube, and accumulator are covered, but seals and gaskets will only be covered by the program if it was associated with a separate repair that falls under the umbrella.

Cooling System

Included are issues with the water pump, cooling clutch fan, the fan’s electric motors and blade assembly unit, but seals and gaskets are only covered if it was within another repair acknowledged by the program.

Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Systems

For your vehicle’s fuel system, the fuel sending unit, pump and injector pump are all covered, as are the fuel pressure regulator, and metal fuel lines, but seals and gaskets are only covered if it’s part of a separate repair.


The electrical umbrella includes repairs to the alternator, voltage regulator, starter motor and the starter solenoid.  Also covered are the ignition switch and starter drives, the defogger and heating/air conditioning switches, and the headlight and turn signal switches.  Also included are the washer pump motor, windshield wiper motor and the rear wiper motor.

Substitute Transportation Coverage

One of the parts of this program is if you’re stuck without your car due to a breakdown covered by the contract, we will reimburse you up to $35.00 a day for five days.  In order to qualify, you must show the vehicle was inoperable and it had to stay at the shop overnight or it took at least 4 labor hours to complete the repair.

Emergency Roadside Assistance

Do you ever have nightmares about your car breaking down while driving about and being stranded on the side of the road somewhere?  Well, this program includes roadside assistance all day every day in the United States for certain needs, up to the benefit of $100.00 per incident.  Included in the coverage is towing, jump starts, flat tire changes, vehicle fluid deliveries, lockout assistance, and upon request, a concierge service.  All you need when you call is your agreement number.

Trip Interruption Service

This portion of the program is for when your vehicle breaks down when you’re at least 100 miles away from your home.  Should your vehicle need to be kept overnight, the program will reimburse up to $75.00 a day for a maximum of three days, just make sure to keep receipts for lodging and restaurant expenses when you’re waiting for your car to be repaired.