AutoCare Essential Plus

Your vehicle is an important investment, usually the second most important investment you will make besides your home. Your vehicle makes your daily routine possible, from going to work or school, getting groceries, visiting family, running errands and much more. You rely on your vehicle to get you from point A to point B, whether you are commuting to work, picking up your children, taking a trip or something else. When something happens to your vehicle, it disrupts your entire routine. When your car, van or truck breaks down it is not only a time-consuming and stressful inconvenience, but can also be very costly. If you don’t have the money to cover the essential repairs your vehicle needs, you may find yourself without transportation or a way to get to work. AutoCare takes care of this problem with complete vehicle repair protection plans that cover the expenses that you need to make repairs. When you purchase a repair and service protection plan, all expenses associated with your repairs will be covered and you can get back on the road quickly and easily.

Auto Coverage Variety

AutoCare gives you hassle-free coverage for vehicles of all types, whether you have purchased a new vehicle, a gently used vehicle, an older classic or an affordable used car. No matter what year, make, model, type or how much or how little you use your vehicle, you can have your service and repairs covered under AutoCare essential plus vehicle service contracts. With the right plan, the most costly and stressful repairs will be covered, requiring you to pay only a relatively small deductible fee. You can select the plan that works best for you and your vehicle and pay in a way that is most convenient for you. Cover the parts that are problematic in your vehicle or that have been replaced in the past. AutoCare crafts service and repair coverage plans according to the age and miles on your vehicle so you receive the best protection based on what you are likely to need. With the most essential working parts of your vehicle covered, you can be protected in any eventuality and your vehicle repairs will not disrupt your schedule or you budget.

What’s Included

AutoCare Essential Plus vehicle service contracts include all of the coverage options provided under the Essential coverage plan, with other additions as well. While the Essential coverage plan covers the most vital parts that your vehicle requires to function, as well as the parts that are often the most costly to replace, the Essential Plus plan gives you additional coverage as well. Under the Essential plan, you diesel or gasoline engine were completely covered, which include the replacement or reconstruction of any component therein, such as the pistons, rods, camshaft, intake valves, exhaust valves and all connections and additional parts. All parts of the transmission are also covered, including the torque converter, solenoids, shift components, pumps, valves and more. The front wheel or four wheel drivetrain is also completely covered, as well as the transfer case, fuels system, heating and cooling system, electrical system, all seals and gaskets and more. The AutoCare Essential Plus coverage plans provides additional provisions such as your suspension system, including all arms, joints, bushings, wheel bearings, wheel seals, gaskets and other parts. The Essential Plus plan also covers brakes, including calipers, cylinders, valves, lines and seals, and the ABS system, including boosters, motors, processors, sensors, solenoids, compressors, valves, seals, gaskets and more. Finally, the power steering system is also covered, including pumps, hoses, couplings, arms, rods and more. This covers a wide array of break-downs and services to parts large and small throughout your vehicle. This may be as simple as a loose gasket or hoes, or as complicated as complete engine failure. Whether it is an easy fix that requires only a few hours of service or your vehicle has suffered a complete break-down and requires extensive service and expensive replacement parts, you can rest assured knowing your expenses will be covered.

The protection plan includes all expenses from service, reconstruction and repairs, including labor, at any certified repair shop. This may be the dealership, but that is not required. In addition to labor and repair expenses, other costs you may require are also covered. AutoCare understands if your vehicle breaks down, you will require additional means of transportation to get to work and other appointments. Your coverage plan will reimburse you for expenses you incur while using other transport, allowing you to continue your daily routine while your vehicle is undergoing service. If your vehicle requires service which spans several days, this benefit can be extremely helpful. Also, if you are away from your home on a trip when your vehicle breaks down, your additional expenses may be covered. Dealing with car trouble on a trip is an unpleasant and stress-full experience, but it doesn’t have to ruin your vacation or your travel. Your coverage plan will reimburse you for overnight repairs at a repair facility while you are on the road. Additionally, the expenses you incur through lodging and meals at the location may also be covered. Even though your trip may be interrupted, it doesn’t have to be over. With your repair expenses covered as well as your stay, you can return to the road as soon as your vehicle is fixed and continue on towards your destination. Knowing your expenses are covered allows you to continue enjoying your vacation even if you are temporarily stopping. With your vehicle protected under your coverage plan, your vacation budget will also be protected. Finally, AutoCare also offers emergency roadside assistance for every other eventuality. You can call anytime, anywhere and the towing service you require to bring your vehicle to a repair facility will be covered. In addition, the roadside assistance also covers many other common problems that you may encounter. If you require a jumpstart for your battery, you run out of gas, you have a flat tire or even if you lock your keys in your car, the vehicle roadside assistance section of your coverage plan covers any expenses you may incur and also provides you with quick, helpful service to resolve the problem.

AutoCare’s vehicle service protection plans are simple and straightforward. Depending on the coverage you require, you can select a plan that guards you from the extreme expenses associated with rebuilding or replacing parts. Parts of your drivetrain and powertrain, emissions system and air conditioning system are particularly expensive to replace or rebuild, often setting back vehicle owners hundreds or even thousands of dollars. When these expenses come up they are never anticipated and the money may not be available in your budget. Your vehicle is an essential asset you need to get to work and conduct your routine, and being out of commission for weeks or months is simply not an option. When you purchase an AutoCare service and repair protection plan, your repairs will be covered by what you have already paid. You can purchase a plan directly from AutoCare with a lump-sum payment or you can divide the payments over a monthly payment plan. This allows you to guarantee any necessary repairs or service that your car requires when you have the funds available, or you can budget the expenses on a monthly basis. AutoCare makes it easy to make payments upfront or on a monthly schedule, using credit, debit, check card and other means. If you choose a monthly payment method, there are no additional fees or any interest and the plan does not require a credit check.

Essential Coverage

Read further details for more information on what the Essential Plus vehicle protection plans covers, including all exact parts of each covered area. For more information on the plan and any section, call AutoCare today. A helpful representative will explain the plan in more detail and answer any questions you may have. Compare the Essential Plus plan to other vehicle service and repair coverage options online or call for more details on what is covered on each plan. Order yours today with a single payment or monthly payments and never suffer unexpected expenses or repairs from your vehicle again.