AutoCare Comprehensive Vehicle Service Contract

Over the years and over many miles, wear and tear on your vehicle can cause a variety of problems. Sometimes the vehicle may only be a few years old and other times it may be a decades-old classic, but no matter when they occur, mechanical failures are always unexpected. They can also be very costly as well, especially when it comes to the parts you need most. Your car is designed to get you to go to your next destination, whether that is work, home, the store, the post office or even a vacation destination. Since you are almost always on the road when they occur, the need for auto repairs and service never come at convenient times. Preventative maintenance and regular oil changes can help to prevent some problems, but structural and mechanical issues inside your car’s engine, transmission, drive system or other parts often go unseen. When faulty parts finally reach their last mile, they can make it a chore to drive, cause damage to other surrounding parts or even stop you from driving altogether. Some problems may be minor and can be fixed in a few hours while other problems can leave your vehicle out of commission for days. Other problems on auxiliary components may only affect your experience while driving, such as the air conditioner or radio. These problems, though they can make it unpleasant to drive, particularly on long trips, will often go unchecked because they are non-essential. Spending money to fix non-essential parts is often not in the budget, so drivers go on without all of the capabilities their vehicle offers. AutoCare Comprehensive vehicle service contracts protects you from the expenses of repairs and service, and allows you to undergo any repairs your vehicle requires. The Comprehensive service contract covers both essential and non-essential systems in your vehicle, so you can keep your car in top shape. With a repairs and service contract covering your vehicle, you will not be limited by the expense of repairs, and you will have the freedom to conduct any service necessary whenever you need it.

Choosing the Right Vehicle Service Contract

Many vehicle owners forgo necessary repairs due to the hefty costs associated with mechanical failures. Price tags on engine failures, transmission break-downs, fuel leaks and other services can costs thousands of dollars, and hundreds of dollars simply to find the problem. Vehicles quickly become unfit, unsafe or unpleasant to drive, and the original problem often causes other issues that can quickly deteriorate the value of the vehicle. With the proper service these problems can be corrected and the vehicle can continue to function properly for thousands more miles. With an AutoCare Comprehensive vehicle service plan, sudden and extensive expenses will not limit your repairs. You can get your car fixed the moment it is required and stop further damages from occurring. The Comprehensive service plan covers the integral internal parts of your vehicle, as well as other systems that make your vehicle safe, easy and enjoyable to drive. Because of their essential functionality, parts in these systems are also many of the most expensive to replace and difficult to repair. Your AutoCare Comprehensive vehicle service plan covers parts, labor and expenses needed to repair parts of these systems and you pay only a small deductible. Whether your vehicle suffers a complete engine failure or refuses to start, or you have a small problem that requires a simple fix, your Comprehensive plan ensures that there are no barriers to your repairs. With the purchase of your coverage plan, parts and services are covered no matter how minor or extensive. You pay the upfront cost for the purchase of the plan or you can divide the cost over a series of monthly payments, whatever you prefer. Under the protection of the plan, the costs of service and repairs are completely covered. You also enjoy other benefits that make getting your car serviced easy, as well as emergency roadside service to assist you with many other common problems on the road.

Powertrain Coverage & More

The AutoCare Comprehensive service coverage plan covers all of the parts and systems as the Essential and Essential Plus plan, with other benefits as well. The most valuable, important and complex parts of your vehicle are covered, as well as the parts that most commonly break down. If your engine fails and your car won’t start, your AutoCare plan covers not only the repair and reconstruction of your engine, but also the towing necessary to bring your vehicle to a service shop. All the internal parts of your engine are covered, such as the pistons, bearings, washers, rods, camshaft, gears, valves, seals, pumps and more. Whether the problem is as simple as a loose rod, or as complicated as a broken camshaft, your coverage plan will cover the costs of replacement parts as well as the labor needed to rebuild your engine. Your coverage plan covers many other essential parts as well, such as the transfer case and the front wheel, four wheel, rear wheel or all wheel drive system. If you bring in your vehicle and you find out that the problem is not with your engine, other surrounding parts will be covered as well. If the problem is instead in your fuel system, your pumps, rails, regulators, fuel lines and other connecting components. If the problem is in your ignition system, starter or other parts of your electrical system, your AutoCare Comprehensive service plan will also cover a wide variety of repairs, including non-essential parts. This includes your locking system, anti-theft sensors and alarms, cruise control, sunroof switch, turn signals, brake switch, windows, wipers, trunk release and much more. All the parts of your power, drive, fuel and electrical system that control the functionality of your vehicle are covered under the AutoCare Comprehensive service plan, as well as the parts of your vehicle that control the security, safety and comfort of the vehicle. With these parts of your vehicle covered, you can be free to conduct any repairs necessary whenever needed, whether for the functionality or the enjoyable driving experience.

Auxiliary Coverage

Other auxiliary parts are also covered under the Comprehensive service plan not covered under the Essential and Essential Plus plan. This includes additional components of the ABS and power steering system. If there are problems with your power steering system, this can make your car unpleasant and difficult to drive. This can also affect your reactivity in emergency situations, making it difficult to conduct sudden maneuvers. With your power steering corrected you can continue to drive your car safely. Your brakes and suspension are also covered, which are essential to your driving operation and the smoothness of your driving experience. With finely tuned brakes you can enjoy a steady and fluid ride and also be prepared in case of any sudden stops. Your suspension is also a prime part of the smoothness and comfort of your vehicle. With the shafts, bushings, stabilizers, wheel bearings and other parts of your suspension system covered, any breaks or problems in your suspension is covered. If your ride starts to get rough, you can get your suspension repaired with the peace of mind that all your essential parts are covered. Finally, your audio system is also covered under the Comprehensive vehicle service program. If you experience any problems with your audio system, your AM/FM radio, antennae, CD player and other parts, you can get these parts serviced and fixed without any risk and you can continue enjoying all the capabilities of your vehicle.

Comprehensive Coverage

Protect your vehicle from costly repairs and make sure your everyday routine is not disrupted. With a service and repair protection plan you can pay for repairs when it is most convenient for you with a single flat rate, or a monthly rate distributed over time. Read further details about the coverage under the Comprehensive plan or call for more information. An AutoCare representative will explain all the details of the coverage plan that you prefer and make sure that you receive the coverage you need. Learn more about the plans available and call today to purchase the plan that you prefer. You may also order online using a payment plan convenient for you.