5 Star Vehicle Service Contract

Few things are more exciting than pulling out of a dealership in a brand new car.  We all know that inimitable aroma that accompanies the purchase of a new vehicle, and that, along with all the smoothness and exciting new bells and whistles makes purchasing a new car, truck or SUV a truly special experience.

However, the fact of the matter is that as soon as you drive your new car off the lot it becomes a deprecating asset, but it’s still an investment you have to make.  After all, you have to get to be able to get you and your family to work, school, the grocery store and to other important life endeavors.

What’s more, other than being in your home, you’re likely to spend the most of your time in your car, truck or SUV, and if you’re going to be driving that often, you might as well get a vehicle you’ll be proud to call your own.  For most individuals and families, it’s the second largest investment they make after purchasing a home.

Who Pays When Your Vehicle Breaks Down?

Unfortunately, no matter how meticulous you are about your car’s care, your vehicle will eventually experience problems and be in need of repairs.  Part of the lure of purchasing a new car, truck or SUV is the promise from the dealership or the vehicle’s manufacturer to cover some or all of the cost if a certain issue arises during a specific period of time.  What many vehicle owners fail to realize before it’s too late is those agreements do not last as long as they might think, and they are very limited in their options when deciding who repairs their vehicle and how they will do it.

Think about it his way: those agreements create a conflict of interest.  Naturally, they will want to limit costs and their coverage since they have a financial stake in the vehicle.  As such, in order to give your car, truck or SUV the superior care you desire, you have to pay big bucks out of your own pocket, rendering your agreement practically useless.

It doesn’t have to be that way though, not when you trust in the experts at AutoCare.

Vehicle Service Contracts

AutoCare offers 5 star vehicle service contracts uniquely designed to help provide our clients with peace of mind.  To paraphrase, a vehicle service contract is a program purchased by the consumer ensures if certain repairs are need to your car, truck or SUV, you won’t be stuck having to pay a bill that could cost several hundred, or even thousand dollars.  Even more appealing, no longer will you have to take your car to where the dealership or manufacturer tells you to take it; instead, you can do your research, shop around and send it to a mechanic that you really trust.

With so much being invested in your car, truck or SUV, a vehicle service contract is a prudent investment that could save you bundles of money in the long run.  No one can predict the future, especially when it comes to determining what types of repairs your vehicle may need.  However, what is predictable is a vehicle service contract will make certain if a major issue doesn’t arise, you will not need to stress about how you’ll be able to afford the repairs, and you won’t need to worry about whether or not you’re sending it a qualified and reputable mechanic.

If you have any questions about what a vehicle service contract entails, or if you would like to discuss the different types of programs we have in place, please do not hesitate to contact us today.