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Your car is not just a way of getting from point A to point B - it's likely to be the second biggest purchase you'll make. Protect yourself from unexpected expenses with Autocare. We offer the Autocare vehicle service contract to protect you against the high cost of emergency repairs, and we back it up with an exclusive 30-day money-back guarantee.

How Does Autocare Differ From a Manufacturer's Warranty?

When you purchase an extended auto warranty from a dealership, you have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you'll be protected if an important part of your vehicle fails prematurely. Unfortunately, because you are purchasing your extended automobile warranty from someone with a vested interest in your vehicle, you are limited in your auto repair warranty options when something does break down.

With a vehicle service contract from Autocare, you enjoy all the benefits of a dealer's auto warranty but with the freedom to have your vehicle repaired on your own terms - we'll cover the cost of applicable repairs at any licensed mechanic's facility, not just your dealer's.

We Cover Older Vehicles, Too

If you've bought your car used, you may be limited in the choice of extended auto warranties offered by your dealership. With Autocare, any vehicle with up to 225,000 miles is eligible for coverage.

Particularly with older cars, unexpected repair costs can pop up at any time. Autocare allows you to pay a small monthly fee giving you the protection much in the way an extended auto warranty does for a new car. You'll be protected from large mechanic's bills when your vehicle does break down.

Our programs also include rental car coverage, roadside assistance and trip interruption insurance, so your life doesn't have to be put on hold simply because your car is in the shop.

Features and Benefits

  • Use any Repair Facility
  • Our Providers pay directly with a corporate credit card
  • Roadside assitance benefits included
  • Coverage for any vehicle up to 225,000 miles!
  • Fully insured and filed with your state's Insurance Department
  • Small regular monthly payments versus large unexpected bills
  • No Credit Check - No fees - No interest
  • Claims paid promptly and directly to repair facility

Only Autocare can customize your contract

  • Our Agents will examine your driving habits and create a custom program
  • We can give you unlimited combinations of term and mileage
  • For example 40 months with 70,000 miles or 60 months with 36,000 miles
  • "Total" coverage commonly known as "Bumper to Bumper"
  • Essential coverage up to 175,000 miles like "Major Medical" which is less expensive
  • Agreement is transferable, potentially increasing the value of your vehicle
  • Payments made directly to the repair facility

Small Down Payment

  • No Interest - No Fees
  • Up to 24 months to pay
  • Substitute Transportation
  • 24-Hour roadside Assistance
  • Unique Fully Customizable Programs
  • A rated US Insurer
  • A- rated Better Business Bureau